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Writers’ Reel Episode 1 – Douglas Thompson

By 16/01/2018May 24th, 2020No Comments

I am proud to introduce the first episode of “Writer’s Reel”, an online video series in which I chat to writers ahead of our events at the CCA. Think of these videos as a way to get a look at an event you missed, kickstart your creativity, or find out a little more about a writer you admire. These videos will be coming to you every second Tuesday via our website, so feel free to leave questions and comments telling me what you think of them!

My first interviewee was Douglas Thompson, author, poet and former chair of the SWC. Douglas describes much of his work as surreal, bringing in elements of science fiction, fantasy, horror and the supernatural. However back in September he delivered the event “Dirty Poetry to Die For”, showing his tastes to be diverse enough to include romantic poetry. If you’re interested in writing poetry, how this compares to writing prose, and where inspiration can come from, this is for you!

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