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SWC Recommends… Spoken Word Nights in Glasgow

By 16/04/2018December 11th, 2018No Comments

As you’ll probably know if you attend our events on a regular basis, the Scottish Writers’ Centre loves a good poetry and spoken word night. Obviously, we’re of the opinion that our own Speakeasies – which feature a wealth of brilliant writing from both our lovely members and the general Glaswegian writing community – are some of the best around, but for those of you who just can’t wait until our next Speakeasy or are looking to explore more of Glasgow’s wonderful literature scene, here are some of the SWC’s recommendations for some of the best spoken word nights in Glasgow!

Inn Deep

It’s one of the most well-known nights on the spoken word scene, but that certainly doesn’t mean that we can’t mention the fantastic poetry nights hosted at West End bar Inn Deep. Hosted by Sam Small, this monthly event is great for both newbies and aficionados alike: the perfect way to check out what’s happening with Glaswegian poetry, and discover the next up-and-coming poet that you’ll be obsessing over.

Loud Poets

Poetry, music and art collective Loud Poets, who host a spoken word night in Glasgow and Edinburgh every month, describe themselves as creating ‘poetry for the masses’. Launched in 2014, this collective features amongst its multi-talented members Kevin McLean, Catherine Wilson, and Katie Ailes, just three of a number of viral, prolific, Slam-winning, festival-touring poets. As their website states, ‘this is slam-­style, make some noise, fist­-thumping, pint-drinking, side-­tickling, heart­-wrenching poetry.’ Sign us up!


The University of Glasgow’s own spoken word night can be found once a month at the Queen Margaret Union. With themed nights that range from International Women’s Day to ‘Happy birth-gay!’ – an ingenious combination of Aloud’s recent fifth birthday and LGBT+ History Month – there’s most definitely something for everyone. Haven’t checked it out yet? Fret not – Killin’ It With Kindness is on tonight, with a welcome dose of wholesome poems to warm the heart and cheer us all up in this very rainy April.

Fail Better

On the second Thursday of every month, you can find this delightful night of poetry, storytelling, music, art and film at McChuills on the High Street. Another night with a great track record of coming up with intriguing themes – take a look at last Thursday’s ‘April Shower of Bastirts’ and you’ll see what I mean – this is a night that is definitely worth visiting for a fresh perspective and some exciting new poetry.

Seeds of Thought

Held in our beloved CCA, the innovative Seeds of Thought brings poetry and music together in what can generally (and poetically) described as a very good time. It’s hard to believe that Seeds of Thought has been running since 2005 – personally, we hope it continues to enliven Glasgow’s spoken word scene for many more!

Words by Rachel Walker

Image credit: Aloud – QMU; Seeds of Thought

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