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On the sixth day of Christmas, the SWC gave to me…

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…Six literary Instagram accounts


If you’re a fan of beautiful books and aesthetically pleasing photos, then look no further than #bookstagram. This Instagram phenomenon – which boasts nearly 16 million photos attached to its hashtag – is a celebration of literature in all its forms and a reminder that the so-called convenience of e-books and Kindles will never drive physical books out of business. With everything from #shelfies (photos of carefully arranged bookshelves, for the uninitiated) to in-depth book reviews; posts revelling in quaint bookshops to piles of unread books that are just waiting to be tackled, there’s something for every book-lover out there. Here are some of SWC’s favourites!





This is easily one of the most gorgeous Instagram accounts I’ve encountered – just look at those stunning Agatha Christie covers! – and @relationsheep’s book recommendations are always excellent, not to mention witty and entertaining. If you’re a fan of Donna Tartt’s The Secret History then you should definitely follow this account: you’re likely to spot lots of books that you’ll enjoy.




Colourful illustrations sit alongside inspirational and thoughtful quotes from famous writers in this wonderful Instagram account. It’s the perfect pick-me-up for anyone who loves to read or write, and is sure to make you think differently about whatever you’re working on at the moment. I’d especially recommend it to anyone – like me – who is struggling with their fiction; Kate Gavino’s posts usually have the perfect advice that you didn’t know you needed.




With just under 5000 followers, @earlgreyandbooks might be on the small side for a Bookstagram account – which can stretch into hundreds of thousands of followers – but it is also probably my favourite Instagram account dedicated to books. Follow @earlgreyandbooks if you can’t get enough of classics – especially the exquisite Penguin English Library editions designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith (featured above). If that isn’t enough to tempt you, just look at that delicious slice of cake…




If you like ‘Humans of New York,’  then you’ll love this Instagram account. Featuring book reviews from subway commuters in New York, London and Mexico City, the black-and-white posts not only offer up book recommendations and reading inspiration, they also deliver insightful and fascinating reviews of a wide and varied range of books, from an equally wide and varied range of people.




Another classic-loving, aesthetically rewarding Instagram feed – can you tell what I like to read? I love this account for its elegance as well as the impeccable book selection. Her current focus on Christmas-themed and wintry reads is particularly appropriate for getting in a festive mood, but this beautiful account deserves to be explored all year round.




Last but definitely not least, one of SWC’s favourite literary-themed picks is from our former intern Lucy. Her account is full of lovely bookstores, literary hot spots (or secrets) in London and further afield, and, of course, lots of her favourite books. It’s the perfect inspiration for anyone who’s looking to investigate their own area through the medium of literature! Lucy also used to be in charge of our own Instagram, @scottishwriterscentre, which – shameless plugs aside – you should definitely check out for all things Scottish Writers’ Centre…


Do you have any literary Instagram recommendations? Are there any accounts that we missed out? Please let us know in the comments or on Twitter @ScottishWriters – we’d love to hear from you!

Words by Rachel Walker




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