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New Voices in Literature

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Crowd (3)

A shot of our fantastic crowd!

With a fresh spring breeze in the air, on the 14th March we gathered for another fabulous writers’ showcase! Our ‘New Voices in Literaure’ event was a chance for new writers to read out their work, and with it brought a wealth of talent from a diverse range of people. At the Scottish Writers’ Centre, our mission statement has always been to ‘promote Scotland’s vibrant literary culture’, and this event brought much in the way of vibrancy. From a dark trio of sonnets to a dryly comedic short story; from questions on the significance of fate and destiny to a humorous ballad on winter festivities, the night offered something for everyone.


From top left clockwise: Miriam, Erin, Sheila, Martin

Our first half opened with many a talented writer. All but Martin, who is currently the National Trust Scotland Poet in Residence, are students in literature. With a mixture of poems and prose, the night started as it continued, with lots of captivating and diverse readings.


From top left clockwise: Keith, Lada, Alfred, Lynnda

With wine on hand, the atmosphere was buzzing but relaxed, and plenty of mingling combined with our big turn-out certainly made for a great night! In our twenty minute break, the SWC staff even had the pleasure of getting signatures from Martin Cathcart Froden, a published author and reader on the night. Not to mention pinching plenty of biscuits as we chatted to the audience and writers… The ‘New Voices in Literature’ event brought great writing to cheer, entertain and inspire the audience, and the atmosphere throughout was warm and friendly. Conversation flowed as readily as the talent and, all in all, we left  this event with a fresh breeze of inspiration to match the spring air!

Staff (1)A few of our staff members – Sarah, Ruby and Carolyn – enjoying the event!

Did you enjoy this event? Please have a look around our website to find out more about the Scottish Writers’ Centre and all our upcoming events. You can also follow us on Twitter (@ScottishWriters) and Instagram (@ScottishWritersCentre) for all the latest updates from the team and the events.

Words and images by Kath Warren

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