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Poetry Improvisation with Robin Vaughan-Williams

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Tuesday 9th December 2014; 7pm to 8.30pm,
CCA Club Room, Glasgow:

Poetry Improvisation Workshop with Robin Vaughan-Williams

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Group improvisation is a method of producing poetry which involves spontaneous, collaborative, and oral composition. Poets work in groups, engaging in a series of exercises which encourage the abandonment of desks; instead, writers unite to find where their voices lead them.

Improvisation can be hugely efficacious; the act builds confidence in one’s voice, allowing one to develop material for performance or production. A supportive environment is demanded, in which writers can lower their inhibitions, to follow creative instincts and confide in others.

Robin Vaughan-Williams is a poet, workshop facilitator, and literature producer, with experience in literature development, festivals, and radio production. Robin’s poetry has been published by Happenstance Press, Candlestick Press, and various web outlets. He enjoys performing his work, and collaborating with artists and musicians.

Robin has operated creative writing workshops for a number of organisations, such as Sheffield Young Writers, Off the Shelf Festival, Aphasia Nottingham, and Apples and Snakes. He specialises in group devising, poetry improvisation, and writing towards performance.

Additionally, Robin has oversaw three live literature series, produced syncretist performance events (weaving the work of poets and musicians, in public spaces), connected with writers around the world through his Skype Me! sessions, managed two festivals, and organised numerous poetry readings and discussions.

Tickets: £6 (£3 for concessions) at the door. Free to SWC members.

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