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Shazia Hobbs & Magi Gibson

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Tuesday 25th November 2014; 7pm to 8.30pm,
CCA Club Room, Glasgow:

Autobiography as Novel; with Shazia Hobbs and Magi Gibson

25.11.14_Shazia Hobbs-01

Shazia Hobb’s The Gori’s Daughter is about the life of a young, mixed race woman – daughter of a Kashmiri father and Glaswegian mother – living in a polygamous family household (with her parents and father’s Muslim wife, as well as the children from both relationships). She constantly struggles with the rejection and hostility which her background elicits, from both Glasgow’s white and Asian communities; the book documents her fight to provide her own daughter with a culture and tradition which she could accept with pride.

The Gori’s Daughter will prove to be of tremendous interest both nationally and internationally; its uncompromising exploration of the realities, rather than the myths, of race relations within modern Scotland is likely to have an explosive impact (challenging, as it does, the cosy assumptions on both sides). This novel will also appeal to all who enjoy that paradigmatic tale of the human spirit triumphing over the miseries imposed by traditionalists and bigots.

Magi Gibson, of the Glasgow Women’s Library, will interview Shazia (exploring the challenges of autobiography).

Tickets: £6 (£3 for concessions) at the door. Free to SWC members.

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