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Alan Bissett Workshops

Tuesday 2nd July 2013; 7pm to 8.30pm,
CCA Clubroom, Glasgow:

3-Part ‘Perfecting The Page’ Writing Class, with Alan Bissett


The SWC welcomes one of Scotland’s foremost contemporary writers, to deliver a three part writing course. The first night’s class will cover:


A firm narrative arc is the foundation of good storytelling, but what exactly does that look like? What shape does a story take? How do we resolve proceedings at the story’s end?

The subsequent classes on July 16th and 30th, respectively, will cover:


Character is at the heart of all drama, so how do we create characters which are both memorable and authentic?


The real trick of writing lies in the redrafting, but what should we look for when going back through our work? How do we know what to lose, what to keep, and what to tighten?

Everyone is welcome, and there no obligation to attend all three lectures in sequence (as each will be of standalone value).

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