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Lorn Macintyre

Tuesday 4th June 2013; 7pm to 8.30pm,
CCA Clubroom, Glasgow.

‘In Process’ Masterclass with Lorn Macintyre

Lorn Macintyre

Earlier this year, Lorn Macintyre sent the SWC a copy of his new book: Maclay Days (about students from the Western Isles living at the Maclay Halls of Residence in Glasgow’s Park Circus, during the early 1960s). We can report that it is superb – one of the best books you will read all year; real lives intertwine and evoke an only recently bygone age – haunting and wistful. It’s got more than a few dark moments, too; a real slice of life. It’s high time we heard from the man himself.

A veteran Scottish author and scriptwriter, Lorn will talk about his long and distinguished career as a contributor to the Glasgow Herald, Scotsman, and other publications, as well as his years of contributions to the BBC (in both television and radio), illuminating the best of his novels and poetry with reference to the life that has inspired them. Lorn is author of the Chronicles of Invernevis series of novels, and the acclaimed short story collections Tobermory Days and Tobermory Tales (based on his adolescent years in Mull). His poetry collection, A Snowball in Summer (Argyll Publishing), was published in 2009. His story collection, Maclay Days (Argyll Publishing), captures the essence of the lives of the many Hebridean Islanders who went to live in Glasgow.

Lorn and his wife Mary are dedicated dancers, and his most recent short story collection – Miss Esther Scott’s Fancy (Priormuir Press, 2012) – is about the joy of various forms of dancing (Highland, ceilidh, ballroom, Irish, and break), and includes stories of Glasgow when it was the dancing capital of Europe (with venues such as St Andrew’s Halls and the Locarno). Lorn has a lightness of touch that produces stories which are hugely entertaining and moving. He is an authority on the paranormal, having had family members with ‘second sight’ and having written extensively about the paranormal in prose and poetry. He also has strong views to share on the future of Scotland and its media, which are more urgently relevant than ever as the independence debate heats up for 2014.

Tickets: £6 (£3 concessions). Free to SWC members.

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