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Non-Fiction with Alistair Moffat

Tuesday 21st May 2013; 7pm to 8.30pm,
CCA Clubroom, Glasgow.

‘Writers in Scottish Literary Organisations’ – Writing Non-Fiction with Alistair Moffat


In the third of our ‘Writers in Scottish Literary Organisations’ series, Alistair Moffat discusses the balancing of his time between writing award winning non-fiction books and working as a director for various book festivals and organisations.

Just take a look at the breadth of books which Alistair has published. Non-fiction comprises a huge number of everyday book sales in Britain, and Alistair has written on a diverse range of subjects throughout his highly successful career (placing a particular emphasis on understanding Scotland’s rich history and geography). An enormously entertaining and engaging speaker, we are privileged to receive Alistair at the SWC.

Alistair was born in Kelso, Scotland, in 1950. He is an award winning writer, journalist, and former Director of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe (as well as Director of Programmes at Scottish Television). He is the founder and Director of the Borders Book Festival and Lennox Love Book Festival; he is Rector of the University of St Andrews. Alistair has recently launched Britain’s DNA, Scotland’s DNA, Ireland’s DNA, and Yorkshire’s DNA – he is Co-Chairman of The Great Tapestry of Scotland, and a Director of Book Nation.

Tickets: £6 (£3 concessions). Free to SWC members.

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