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Linda Jackson

Tuesday 7th May 2013; 7pm to 8.30pm,
CCA Clubroom, Glasgow

‘Writing and Song’ with Linda Jackson


An evening of writing and music with Glaswegian singer/songwriter, Linda Jackson.

Linda will discuss the influence that music has had on her writing, and try to untangle the complex relationship between her stories/poetry and her song lyrics and music. She will also discuss how working in two mediums has provided cross-fertilisation and inspiration for both. There will be reading, singing, and ‘creating’ across both media – perhaps even utilising audience contributions!

Linda works as a writer, tutor, and musician. She has released four albums, and has performed in Scotland, Australia, Europe, and Canada. Linda describes herself as a ‘genre butterfly’. With a PhD in Literature and Philosophy, she left the academy to set up Creative Writing classes. With Arts Council support, she has one novel pending publication and another underway. Linda has published both poetry and short stories, and has been the backbone of the Professional Writing Course in Glasgow’s City College.

Organiser of the infamous ‘Reading the Waves’ night at Street Level Art Gallery, Linda likes to reckon herself a catalyst for others to think, write, and sing.

Tickets: £6 (£3 concessions). Free to SWC members.

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