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Chiew Completes Part Three

Thanks to Chiew-Siah Tei and our loyal band of followers, for a lively third installment of Chiew’s quadrilogy of classes.

The means of character creation were illuminated as follows:

1. Exposition
2. Description
3. Action
4. Gestures/Mannerisms
5. Dialogue
6. Opinion of Others
7. Thoughts
8. Narrative Voice

Texts by William Trevor, James Kelman, and Alice Walker were then analysed from these perspectives.

Each participant’s choice of favourite literary character made for a fascinating list, from the Great Gatsby himself to no less than two different characters from the same book: To Kill A Mockingbird. Our attempts to emulate these masters in our own exercise was fun but daunting.

Chiew will return to tell us about plotting and narrative structure on Tuesday 26th March.

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