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Burns Comes to the SWC

Tuesday 29th January 2013; 7pm to 8.30pm,
CCA Clubroom, Glasgow.

Burns Night Celebration – Poetry and Song with Rab Wilson and The Mill Girls


Anyone who saw that STV programme last week, about reconstructing the true face of Robert Burns, will have seen Rab Wilson gabbin awa’ in that richt coothy tongue o’hiz. Dinnae dilly dally then loons ‘n’ quines but haud yerself thigether an’ hare alang tae oor wee stramash this week.

And now in English: come along for a terrific night of Scottish poetry and song, to celebrate Burns Night at the Scottish Writers’ Centre. Rab will be headlining, with excellent music lined up.

Rab wis born at Polquhirter Cottage, New Cumnock, in Ayrshire. He is a poet wha screives maistly in Scots and his wark appears regularly in the likes o Lallans Magazine, Holyrood Magazine, the Herald newspaper, and Chapman Magazine. In November 2007, he took up post as the Robert Burns Writing Fellow in Reading Scots for the Dumfries and Galloway Arts Association. In September 2008, he wis winner of the McCash Poetry Prize (Scotland’s leadin’ poetry competition fir poetry written in Scots, rin jyntly bi Glasgow University and the Herald newspaper).

Prof. Alan Riach, current Chair o Scottish Leeterature at Glasgow University, hus described Rab as “one of the best poets now working in Scotland”. In 2009 he published a saicent collection, Life Sentence, and an anthology o poetry bi contemporary Dumfries and Galloway poets exclusively in the Scots leid (entitled Chuckies fir the Cairn). In 2010, he produced a poetry led film documentary anent coal mining in the South West Scotland caa’d Finding the Seam. In 2011, he wis ane o the featured poets at the StAnza International Poetry Festival in Sanct Andras, whaur he launcht his new collection: A Map for the Blind (Luath 2011).

He is premiering his new musical collaboration, 1957 Flying Scot, at this year’s Wigtown Leeterary Festival in September. Rab hus been warkin oan a new film documentary, Reconstructing Burns, whaur he hus the Forensic team at Dundee University rebuildin the face o Robert Burns frae ane o the plaister casts o the poets skull that wir made posthumously o Burns.

Tickets: £6 (£3 for SWC members and concessions).

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