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Charming Czerkawska

Our appreciations to Catherine Czerkawska, for a terrific event last night – introduced by our own David Manderson.

Catherine has been writing poetry, stage plays, and screenplays, since the 1970s. More recently, she has released some rather excellent books (including The Amber Heart, inspired by her own Anglo-Scots-Polish heritage). Catherine was a very charming host, enthralling us with stories of the “big snakes and short ladders” of the publishing industry, the small-mindedness of certain major publishers, and her new hope for expanding the democratic force of e-book publishing spearheaded by Amazon.

Catherine also treated us to a diverse range of readings from her work, including an early supernatural book entitled Snow Baby and her highly influential play Wormwood (concerning the aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster). The latter has recently been performed in Germany, due to the heightened debate surrounding events at Fukushima.

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