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International Success…

Thanks to everyone who turned out for our International Reading event, and to our excellent readers Donal McLaughlin, Stefan Tobler, Iosi Havilio, and Christoph Simon.

Donal read his translation, from the German, of Christoph Simon’s book Zbinden’s Progress; Stefan read translations from Iosi Havilio’s Open Door. Hearing these writers recite in their native tongues of German and (South American) Spanish, having traveled from their native lands of Switzerand (via New York) and Argentina, was wonderful.

Stefan gave a fascinating overview of his innovative publishing house, And Other Stores (which has won a startling number of awards and accolades, already, in the short time since its inception). Stefan has sought out original international fiction, consciously eschewing the traditional, commercial model of risk-averse corporate publishers. A breath of fresh air!

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