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Taking Stock

This has been the SWC’s most successful year to date, with a surge in memberships and incredibly well-attended events.

Among the highlights have been ‘In Process’ Masterclasses – led by the likes of Margaret Elphinstone, on historical research, Rodge Glass and Dave Turbitt, on graphic novels, Brian Whittingham and Janet Paisley, on writing craft, Alan Bisset on writing, Alan Riach on “all the languages of Scotland”, and Leela Soma on wild (nature) writing and the place of fantasy fiction within the mainstream.

We have an exciting agenda for the remainder of this year, details of which will be appearing over the coming weeks. Please offer your feedback, and get involved. The SWC is a resource of you, the members, and we want to grow in terms of the quality and quantity of our events. We also seek to draw in members from across Scotland.

Writing does not have to be a lonely hobby. Meeting like-minded people is an electric shock – an adrenalin shot that can only drive you on to new heights of inspiration.

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