Posted by: ScottishWriters | 05/04/2016

Bookmarked: Yutsil Hoyo Diaz Martinez


Yutsil Hoyo Diaz Martinez is an Edinburgh-based cinematographer who was kind enough to capture The Scottish Writers’ Centre’s ‘In Process’ Masterclass with former Scots Makar Liz Lochhead at the beginning of March.

Yustil was born in Scotland, and lived in Mexico for a number of years. Since his return he has worked on a number of films, television shows, documentaries and independent features. Able to capture the kind of moments that go often unnoticed through prolonged, intimate close-ups, as well as being a framer of beautiful wides, and a designer of innovative sequences, Yutsil’s recent work has investigated themes of age, loss, and grief, some of which can be seen below:

We’re thrilled to share some stills from Yutsil’s films for the Scottish Writers’ Centre here too, and more information can also be found on his Facebook page.

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