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 Workstreams in the Scottish Writers’ Centre



This paper should be read in conjunction with Structure and Governance of the Scottish Writers’ Centre (2 April 2020), where the overarching structure and principles are laid out in line with the organisation’s legal responsibilities.


The following workstreams are operating as of April 2020. At the time of writing, the structure of the Scottish Writers’ Centre is being developed by the Board; this paper is therefore fluid in nature, and a revised version will be produced in due course to reflect the progress of the future development of structures and governance.


  1. Steering Group

This group has responsibility to:

  1. agree a programme of events and to ensure that these events are managed appropriately. This includes ensuring that:
    1. events fit with the direction given by the Board;
    2. each event is project managed;
  • the CCA is informed of events in a timely manner;
  1. carry out other functions for the furtherance of the work of the Scottish Writers’ Centre as agreed with the Board;
  2. co-opt members from outside the Board as required.


  1. Finance

This group has responsibility to:

  1. provide an overview of the income and expenditure of the organisation;
  2. support the Treasurer to maintain accurate financial records;
  3. make recommendations to the Board on financial matters;


  1. Chapbooks

This group has responsibility to:

  1. deliver on the Chapbooks as laid out in the agreements already made by the Board;
  2. advise the Board on future publications;
  3. provide content for website and social media communication.

(This group could form the basis of a future Publications sub-group.)









  1. Other workstreams are currently overseen by individuals – many, if not all, of these workstreams would be more sustainably undertaken by a small sub-group.


  1. Membership, with responsibility to:
    1. maintain an accurate record of members;
    2. ensure timely communication with members about fees due;
    3. ensure communication with and from members is passed on appropriately;
    4. make recommendations to the Board on membership matters.


  1. Social media, with responsibility to:
    1. work with others to deliver our message on social media platforms;
    2. make recommendations to the Board on communication matters.


  1. Website, with responsibility to:
    1. work with our IT provider to re-develop the website
    2. put clear content on the website;
    3. support all Board members and others to provide content;
    4. oversee the maintenance of the website (with appropriate technical support).


  1. Members’ Webposts, with responsibility to:
    1. approach members or receive application from members to write webposts
    2. agree, programme and quality assure webposts
    3. ensure posts are put up in a reasonable time (perhaps with support of web provider)
    4. communicate with the members about their webposts
    5. share webposts on social media
    6. ensure that members are thanked for their contributions.







Charlie Gracie


7 July 2020


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