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Seeking Submissions!

The Scottish Writers’ Centre are now welcoming submissions!

We are very excited to announce the launch of a series of chapbooks in 2019. We want to celebrate Scotland and showcase the best of our contemporary writers, so show us what you’ve got. These chapbooks will reflect our commitment to Scottish writing and writers, from the islands to the border. We welcome submissions of poetry, prose-poetry and flash fiction, written in any of the languages of Scotland.

As well as standalone pieces, we offer the opportunity to have one work or a collection of flash/poetry to be serialised across all five chapbooks, touching on the themes below. If submitting a piece for serialisation, consider the max word/line count for each issue (25 lines of poetry, or 300 words of prose), as well as the five themes.  Include in your submission an outline for how your work should be split between the five chapbooks.

The first theme will be: Island and Sea, followed by:

  • Borderlines
  • City, Town and Village
  • Mountain and Glen
  • River, Loch and Burn

*the order of these will be dependent upon the order of the winning serialisation*

Deadlines: Midnight, 30th April 2019 for the first issue. Subsequent dates TBA

Submission costs £3, or is free to members of the SWC. To pay, use this link

Eligibility: writers living in Scotland, writing in any of the languages of Scotland. Whether professional, part-time or just starting out – we’d love to hear from you!

Maximum word count: 25 lines for poetry and 300 words for flash fiction.

Please send all submissions to:

Writers who are successful will receive a free copy of the chapbook and a fee of £10.
If your piece is chosen to be serialised, you will receive copies of each issue, and a fee of £100.

Submission guidelines

Everyone and anyone is welcome to submit one piece. Members of the Scottish Writers’ Centre may submit up to three pieces per Chapbook.

Copyright will remain with the writer.

We will only accept work that has not been previously published.

Entries should be submitted as one double-spaced Word document in Times New Roman, size 12. Please include a title sheet on the first page with your name, word or line count, title(s), a 50-word bio and your preferred contact details.

In the email, please state your PayPal transaction ID, or confirmation of your SWC membership.

We regret that we currently cannot provide feedback.

Submissions should be titled ‘Poetry Submission + YOUR NAME’, ‘Prose Submission + YOUR NAME’, or ‘Poetry/Prose Serial Submission + YOUR NAME’.

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