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The Scots-English Writing Group strives to create a relaxed atmosphere where writers can share samples of their work and receive feedback. It is important to us that all critiques be honest, constructive and respectful. Specific issues to assist you in your writing development will be raised.

All forms of writing are considered– short stories, flash fiction, comic dialogue, chapters of your novel, poetry (maximum of two thousand words of prose or two/three poems – although we are fairly flexible about word count). It is the group’s policy that stories are read out either by the writer or another member of the group.

We also carry out short writing exercises during group meetings if asked for. In addition at each meeting a theme is chosen – with a target of up to and about five hundred words (enough to work on but not so much that it becomes onerous). Having said that sometimes stories just – grow! And that is fine too. The theme is not compulsory nor does it exclude other work. As a group we have found it a stimulating and entertaining challenge and/or a light hearted distraction from long standing writing projects.

Submissions should be emailed to alfredaablack@gmail.com preferably in advance of the meeting. Copies will be downloaded and returned to you after the reading. If you wish, questions about specific issues can be included in your submission. While advance reading of a story is very helpful, bringing a submission along on the night is also acceptable. It will usually be included – subject to time constraints. If that is the case three/four copies to share among the group facilitates feedback. Stories are read in order – emailed.

New members! You are most welcome to turn up on the night – with or without a writing sample.

Scots-English Writing Groups meet:
7-9pm every other Monday (subject to change) at The Ivory Hotel, 2-4 Camphill Avenue, Glasgow G41 3AY



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