Posted by: ScottishWriters | 27/02/2018

Writers’ Reel Episode 4 – Liz Niven

The fourth episode of Writers’ Reel features esteemed writer and poet Liz Niven. When Liz hosted our “Dias de los Muertos” event in November last year (a partnership with Dovetales peace charity), the event focused on honoring those who have left us, specifically in times of war and conflict. Keeping this theme of loss and trauma in mind, Liz and I discussed the difficulties of writing very emotional and  personal material and sharing this with others through readings. We also discussed writers’ block and how to get back into a creative space when “the muse has left the room”. If you are keeping your best work locked up for fear that it is too personal, Liz might just have the encouragement you need to share!  

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Jess Docherty, Digital Media Officer 

P.S Apologies for the background noise in this video, as you would expect Liz drew quite a crowd!


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