Posted by: ScottishWriters | 13/02/2018

Writers’ Reel Episode 3 – Publishing Special

The third episode of Writers’ Reel is possibly my favorite so far! Ahead of our “How to get Published” event in October 2017, I sat down with our specially selected Publishing Panel, consisting of Sheila Wakefield (poet, editor, and publisher), Colin Will (poet and publisher), Gerry Cambridge (poet, essayist, typesetter and editor) and Sheila Templeton (poet). These four brilliant professionals offered a range of insights into how their own journeys as writers and publishers began, as well as what they think appeals to a publisher, and how print and online publishing compare. If you didn’t make it along to the event last year, or just want to refresh your memory, take ten minutes to watch this episode and be inspired!   

As a side note, all episodes of Writers’ Reel will now be subtitled, in order to make our videos more accessible to all. As always, I would really appreciate your feedback, so if you have any comments please leave them below.  

Happy Viewing! 

Jess Docherty, Digital Media Officer  


  1. Lovely to hear the back stories. The magazine Colin Will refers to is Cencrastus, not Subcrastes.

    • Hi Diana, Thanks for this! I will edit the subtitles accordingly. Jess

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