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Sincere thanks to all who attended last night (despite the discouraging rain), for a lively and enjoyable evening of ‘slipstream’ and science-fiction at the SWC.

Books were duly read, sold, and signed. Our gratitude to Allen Ashley, for an illuminating talk. The subsequent bash in the bar was first rate, and our new Events Assistant Camilla Lausus shone as a talented participant in the Writing Workshop beforehand. If you missed out, you can hear Edinburgh author Dave Migman reading from the the first chapter of Douglas Thompson’s Mechagnosis on this Podcast. The e-book for Douglas’ novel, Entanglement, can also be sampled in various formats here.

Now 2013 beckons, so it’s time to wish all our SWC supporters, participants, and volunteers a very happy Christmas and a fine New Year.


  1. Really enjoyed listening to both authors. I arrived thinking that perhaps what I am writing at the moment is slipstream and left not sure. Allen is right in that we have to fight the curse of squeezing writing into a genre for publicity purposes. Why can’t writing span different areas? My series starts in the Calton, Glasgow and by book four is in another reality to earth. I love the idea of questioning normality and that the person you may be sitting beside on the bus may just be a little different to what we expect.
    Readers of the series see themselves on a journey with the characters as with any book.
    As Douglas said it gives an another avenue for reflection on our society.
    Sorry that I couldn’t stay for a drink and chat. but thank you for another excellent event.
    Merry Xmas everyone.

    • Sounds great. Thanks so much for coming along. Hope to see you at an event next year where we can talk afterwards. It’s just major publishers who are peddling their prejudices, ordinary people are open to the fantastical. Just ask anyone what they dreamt last night!

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